Klezmer Music in Cracow

The Local Klezmer Bands give the Klezmer music performances ,alternately at RUBINSTEIN Hotel ,12 Szeroka str. At 7 P.M.  several times  a week / on Tuesday,Thursday & Sunday/

The house is famous for the NISSENBAUM family ,the previous owners  and  for Helen Rubinstein  as well ,a  cosmetic Lady, who spent  her childhood ,  here  before leaving for

The Klezmer Local Bands play music based on the culture of nations occupied  the southern-eastern and central Europe ,especially the Jews ,whose music  combines itself the Balkan and Slavonic motives.

In their repertoires there are both instrumental Jewish folk pieces  in Yiddish of Ashkenzi  Jews  and vocal pieces of  the Orthodox Jewish settlers .

TIME    7 P.M.                           


There are discounts for over four people !

Special prices for groups .

The Klezmer ticket entitles  the bearer to a  10%  discount  when you buy any drinks or food at the “Cztery Pory Roku” hotel  restaurant.

March - October: Every Tuesday & Thursday & Sunday

Novembr - February: Every Thursday

Tickets available at our office !

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