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(duration ~ 3h)


Best of city tours in Krakow. Major sights, history of Poland, fun facts, unusual symbols and traditions - all included in an entertaining walk with a professional and knowledgeable city guide.


Price per person

  • regular 60 PLN
  • students 50 PLN



  • The CITY: Wawel Hill, Royal Castleand Cathedral, Old Town, Jagiellonian University district, thePlanty Park, Main Square, St.Mary's basilica, remnants offortifications

  • 1/2 hour coffee break to discussthe social and economic situation in Poland

  • fun stories and legends

  • customs and traditions




(duration ~ 3h)


A unique fusion of the must-sees with hidden highlights. See the Krakow's Old Town and the Jewish district from a locals' perspective. Follow the Royal Route (the Barbican, the Main Square, St. Mary's Church, the University Quarter, the Franciscan Church, the Wawel Hill and more). Get to know where poets go for a coffee, sneak into courtyards, discover the most interesting stories about Krakow's past and present.


Price per person: 79 PLN



  • guiding service

  • visiting sites which are the mostrelavant as regards the programme of the tour




(duration ~4h)


You will begin your tour by visiting the Jewish District of Kazimierz to explore the area which used to be inhabited by one of the most diverse Jewish communities in Europe. Then a short drive will take you up the Wawel Hill which is the embodiment of Poland's former monarchical glory. Its summit is the Royal Castle and a 14th-century cathedral which hosted almost all coronations and funerals of the Polish monarchy. Having descended the hill, we stroll along Kanonicza and Grodzka Streets to reach Collegium Maius (Great College), the oldest building of the Academia Cracoviensis. After visiting the charming Gothic courtyard we continue to the Main Market Square. This bustling heart of the city is a perfect place for picking up souvenirs, especially in the Cloth Hall which has been the local market place for centuries. Complete your tour by visiting St Mary's Church, where the stunning medieval altar sculpted by Veit Stoss is located and a bugle call sounds towards the four corners of the world every hour on the hour.


Price per person

  • regular 120 PLN
  • students 70 PLN



  • English speaking guide
  • Admission to Wawel Castle and Royal Cathedral
  • Admission to St Mary's Church
  • Apartment pick-up


Ask for more languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French!


Additional info: The Royal Chambers of the Wawel Castle are closed to the public every Monday. On Monday the Collegium Maius is visited instead.




(duration ~3,5h)


Cracow City guided tours by one of the cars from the Communist times. The tour aims at showing the way Nowa Huta looked like in the past when it was a town in the vicinity of Krakow before it was incorporated as a district. Our programme aims at delivering maximum historic information about Nowa Huta as well as deriding the "old system." It is not going to propagate the Communist system nor to refer to those times in a nostalgic way.


Price per person: 149 PLN





(duration ~ 3h)


Stroll down by the silent witness of the prewar great days. Explore the district of synagogues and discover the amazing history of an almost completely extinct Jewish culture in Krakow. Our tour follows the sites of Oscar Schindler's Kraków, both the historical ones and those included by Steven Spielberg in his award winning 'The Schindler's List' - watch the scenes from the movie at the sites where they were filmed!


Price per person

  • regular 55 PLN
  • students 47 PLN




(EVERY NIGHT except Mondays 8 pm)


Especially for you we will throw a party at which you will be served with four different kinds of Polish vodka and some traditional Polish food like pickles and sausages that perfectly go with the spirit. Besides vodka tasting, there is a bit more in store for you. The party is also a great opportunity to make new friends, learn a bit about history of vodka, familiarise yourself with certain facts about the liquor that you are surely unaware of, pick up some Polish words and get a free 'Polish vodka' t-shirt that will remind you of this fantastic evening!


Price per person: 60 PLN





(duration ~ 2h)


A spine-tingling experience - get to know the darker side of Krakow's Old Town. Discover some unsolved cases as well as famous crimes that heppened in the past. Slip into the role of a detective - go in the footsteps of murderers, examine old photos, solve mysteries. Agatha Christie would love this tour…


Price per person: 79 PLN





(duration ~ 3,5h)


Includes the most important sites of historical value regarding the Nowa Huta district. The tour ends in Społem stylish club (Main Market Square) where you will be treated to Polish vodka shots and watch a propaganda movie of the former Polish People's Republic. In an authentic car from the communist times: the Soviet Volga or the Polish working-class Nysa we'll drive past the most interesting places in Nowa Huta.


Price per person: 149 PLN





(duration ~ 3,5h)


Tour by one of the cars with the audio system. Includes the most important sites of historical value regarding the Nowa Huta district. The tour ends in a pub where the participants are treated to 6 different types of Polish vodka.


Price per person: 210 PL





(duration ~ 6h)


Let us take you to the hometown of Pope John Paul II, the man who changed the course of history. Enter his house and follow his footsteps. Taste his favorite cream puff - kremówka!



  • regular: 160 PLN
  • child (4 - 15 tears): 90 PLN



  • apartment pick-up

  • private car/mini-bus with a driver

  • professional guide during whole tour

  • visiting the most important partsof Wadowice, including Pope's house and the Basilica

  • visiting places connected with John Paul II: Sanctuary in Łagiewniki, museum of John Paul II and Episcopal Palace in Krakow

  • entrance ticket to the museum




(duration ~ 8h)


This, undoubtedly one of the Poland's prime tourist attractions, gives you a chance to admire some of the most amazing scenery in the Polish highlands. Usually referred to as "the raft trip down the Dunajec river", this is in fact a rather leisurely drift in large wooden punts. Highly experienced guides make sure you have a smooth ride and keep you informed about the sights you see and the history of the trips, which goes back to 1840s . The voyage down the winding Dunajec offers breathtaking views of mighty limestone cliffs plunging into the water as well as stunning native vegetation both protected by the second oldest international national park in the world.


While visiting the castle you can admire the delightful view over the artificial lake and learn an amazing story of Inca refugees that found shelter there. Our trip begins at Niedzica Castle, then continues to the wharf in Sromowce Niżne and ends 15 km later in Szczawnica. The voyage lasts two to three hours, depending on the water level of the river. It is advisable to bring rainwear or a sun hat depending on the weather.


Price per person: 320 PLN



  • English speaking guide
  • Transport in a luxury bus or mini-bus
  • Apartment pick-up
  • Admission to the raft trip
  • Admission to Niedzica Castle


Ask for more languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French!


Additional information: this tour is organized on Mondays and Thursdays.




(duration ~ 7h)


Poland's winter capital located at the foot of Tatra Mountains. Savor the breathtaking views! Taste the Highlander's smoked cheese!


Price per person: 250 PLN



  • apartment pick-up

  • English-speaking guide

  • Zakopane sightseeing

  • ticket for funicular ride to Mt. Gubałówka

  • entrance fee to one Zakopane'smuseum

  • apartment drop off




(duration ~ 6h)


This is a unique resort situated in the central Lesser Poland (the southernmost part of the country), about 35 km from Krakow, on the edge of a Landscape Park. The 2.5 kilometer tourist route runs at the depth of 290 meters.


  • 2 participants - 350 PLN perperson

  • 3 participants - 270 PLN perperson

  • 4 participants - 220 PLN perperson

  • 5+ participants - 190 PLN perperson



  • apartment pick-up

  • professional, private guide

  • private car/mini-bus with a driver

  • Visiting the Bochnia Salt Mine including underground boattrip (distance of 120 m)




(duration ~ 12h)


Take a comfortable full day tour to Warsaw from Krakow. Join our Warsaw city tour and see all major touristic attractions in the capital of Poland. We will take you to Old Town area to show you Royal Castle, Old Market Square and Barbican. Following Royal Route you will see Presidential Palace, University of Warsaw, Holy Cross Church with Chopin's heart, Copernicus Statue. More highlights of Warsaw sightseeing include: New Town with Monument of Warsaw Uprising, Jewish Ghetto, Tomb of Unknown Soldier, Palace of Culture and Science, Łazienki Royal Park with Palace on the Water and Chopin Monument, Praga District and more.


Price per person: 510 PLN



  • apartment pick-up

  • English-speaking guide

  • Express/IC train transportation

  • Guided Warsaw City Tour

  • All transfers in Warsaw




(duration ~ 8,5h)

Follow in the footsteps of millions of pilgrims as you gaze upon the "Black Madonna" at the Jasna Góra Monastery. After arriving at the monastery we visit the chapel of the miraculous painting of Black Madonna, which is the embodiment of the attachment to the Cult of Mary so typical of the Catholic faith in Poland. Next we visit the Basilica, which is the main church of the monastery. You can also visit the 600th-Anniversary Museum and the Treasury on your own, if you wish, or attend Mass while others on the tour have a break for lunch and a visit to a souvenir shop. On the way back we alter our route slightly to admire the most spectacular limestone rock formations typical of the Kraków-Częstochowa Uplands. This allows us to visit the only remaining castle of the so called Eagle Nest Trail at Pieskowa Skała.


Price per person: 300 PLN



  • English speaking guide
  • roundtrip transportation
  • apartment pick-up


Ask for more languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French!


Additional information: this tour is organized on Tuesdays and Thursdays.




(duration ~ 5h)


We invite you to follow the route that will take you where the scent of ancient logs, inside a church or a cottage, will help you find the spirit and serenity of the past. The unmatched number of preserved objects in Małopolska led to the creation of The Wooden Architecture Route, which stretches for about 1500 km comprising over 200 churches, belfries, granaries, cottages and manor houses. The trip takes you to the most attractive places which are within a relatively short distance from Kraków and also gives you a chance to see the countryside off the main tourist routes.


Price per person: 240 PLN (minimum 2 persons)



  • English speaking guide

  • apartment pick-up

  • Admission to the heritage park in Wygiełzów

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