Tyniec Abbey

Between the IV and V centuries St Benedict established the monastic order which is considered today the oldest in Christianity.
The presence of Benedictines in Poland goes back to the times of the first Polish rulers (X C.) when the monks arrived in our country and the first buildings were created on Tyniec Hill (middle of XI C.).
According to tradition King Casimir the Restorer founded the abbey and established this significant sacral site on Kraków land. The original buildings were destroyed in the XIV C during the wars with Czech Przemyślid ruling family and then were plundered by Tatars. The abbey rose from its ashes in the XV C, a larger church was built and the monastery was built in the Gothic style.
 Further development occurred in the XVI C when the former castle became the representative office of the Abbot. In the early XVII C the church was enlarged by three aisle along with the choir at the western side with paintings presenting the life of St Benedict and the story of the Benedictines.
The abbey was destroyed once again but by the end of the XVII C it was flourishing once more. It was then that the library was built and new black marble altars were installed (including the High altar with paintings of the Holy Trinity and abbey patron saints).
The war 1768-71 once more ruined the abbey. Whilst reconstruction was in progress the work was stopped (1816) by the Austrian rulers of this part of Poland. Between 1821-26 Tyniec housed the bishops after which their headquarters was moved to Tarnów.
The fire in 1831 destroyed the monastery and what remained, the church, was taken over by the local parish church. The last Tyniec monk died in 1844. In XX C, by order of Cardinal Adam Sapieha, the former abbey site on the hill was given to a new foundation. On 29 July 1939 the monk superior, Karol van Oost, arrived at the hill with eleven monks and started the reconstruction of the abbey. Archeological work and reconstruction after WWII have resulted in the abbey as it can be seen and visited today. In 1968 the monastery returned to the rank of an abbey.

How to get there?
BY BUS 112. From the bus stop MOST GRUNWALDZKI - get off at the 17th stop called TYNIEC (journey ca 20 km, 30-45 minutes).

 To get to the MOST GRUNWALDZKI bus stop go from the Main Railway station by tram 19, or from the STAROWIŚLNA tram stop by tram 22. TAXI - journey cost arround 50 zł.

Sightseeing guided tours only for the museum, convent courtyard, church and galleries: MON-SAT 9.00, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 14.00, 16.00, 17.00. The Abbey and museum tour will take about 1 hour.
Tickets: adult 6 zł, reduced 4 zł.
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